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Gather all your thoughts, ideas, projects, people and your entire business process on in one central placec

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Do you have goals and ambitions for your business you want to achieve in the coming days or months?
I’m sure you do and you’re looking for solutions that will help you achieve this faster without much headaches.
You need a structure.
You need something that will gather all your thoughts, ideas, projects, people and your entire business process on in one central place so that you can exercise full control over those activities at a glance.
The answer to your need is: Trello.

Streamline Your Processes.
Free Up Your Time.

How To Get More Done For Faster
Results With Trello

There’s nothing like this video series.
Watch as I show you how to get your business processes streamlined on Trello and accelerate your team productivity within days from now.
I reveal my best tips for using this amazing platform. You get to see everything. I explain everything to you.
There will be no guess work.
All you need is just a short hour of your time to learn everything and you’d be ready to get started with it instantly.

Course Curriculum

1 Overview and Pricing
2 Working With the Menu
3 Configure Settings
4 Trello Power Ups
5 Cards and Due Dates
6 Creating Labels and Comments
7 Adding Attachments
8 Adding Checklists
9 Custom Fields
10 Send a Card By E Mail To Trello
11 Profile Activity Tracking
12 Creating Boards
13 Creating Teams
14 Creating Checklists For The Team
15 Importing Data
16 Direct Integrations
17 Google Drive
18 Tracking and Storage
19 Sharing And Discussion
20 Trello On Mobile
21 Using Trello In Your Business
22 BusinessVitalityModuleTrelloTraining

Aldreama Harper


After years of being in Corporate America and pursuing other business ventures, I discovered I had a passion for organizing, time management, and personal productivity.

I decided it was time to package my learned skills from my experiences into a service that would offer Service Based entrepreneurs and busy professionals solutions to minimize overwhelm and massively increase productivity.

I work closely with clients to create customized solutions that fit their specific needs. By applying my no-nonsense, no-cookie-cutter approach, you solve time, clutter and space management problems in no time. These simple strategies and techniques will result in an immediate boost in confidence, productivity and create the kind of freedom that comes from being clear, productive and laser focused.

As a result of my coaching, consulting my clients are able to move from procrastination and overwhelm to productivity masters.

I love God, gadgets and good quality chocolate! I'm passionate about Entrepreneurship, Organizing and hanging out in office supply stores.

Married to my amazing husband Rodney for 19 years!