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This Product Creation Method Was Created Based On The Research Of Harvard Professor David McClellandly On How People Learn...

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Do you think having your own product line would make a difference in your business? The answer is yes!

A streamlined system that's based upon the 'in the trenches' experience of a marketer that has created nearly 100 products (laying out the best method to outline, organize and present your content quickly)...

...PLUS the scientific research of a former Harvard Professor about HOW people learn (so that your product will be beneficial to your customer no matter what "learning profile" they fit into).

  • How to zero in on profitable product ideas in minutes.
  • How to AVOID the big mistake nearly everyone makes that results in their products taking A LOT longer to create, yet being LESS EFFECTIVE for their customers.
  • How to effortlessly outline your product so that it hits all 4 main learning styles (and gets results for your customers)
  • A list of powerful no-cost tools to assist with creating your products! No need for super expensive or fancy software!
  • How to decide what format to create your product in. I'll show you the format I use to create most of my products in around 3 hours.
  • How to get dozens of other people to do your product research for you in just a matter of minutes without spending one red cent!
  • A complete, no holds barred, step-by-step guide at presenting the content in your product so it flows for your customer and is easy for you to create without having to stop and think what to do next. I'll show you what to do, how to do it, and when to do it.ft!

Follow the 9 steps in this document to deliver your product content in a structured way that is scientifically designed (based on the work of late Harvard Professor David McClelland) to make sure you're meeting the learning needs of all four major learning types.
In other words...

Assuming your content is solid, you'll end up with a killer product that your customers will be able to easily follow and understand, get great benefit from and will thank you for!

To create your product simply start with Step 1 and work your way to Step 9 (most of your content will come in Step 5).
Let's get started!

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Intended Audience: Service Based Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurs

Course Curriculum

Module 1 Product Introduction
Module 3 Why Is It Important They Learn It?
Module 4 The Concept
Module 5 Step By Step
Module 6 Avoiding Pitfalls
Module 7 Mastery
Module 8 Outcome Reminder
Module 9 What To Do Next
Module 10 Record Audio
Module 11 Edit Audio

Aldreama Harper


After years of being in Corporate America and pursuing other business ventures, I discovered I had a passion for organizing, time management, and personal productivity.

I decided it was time to package my learned skills from my experiences into a service that would offer Service Based entrepreneurs and busy professionals solutions to minimize overwhelm and massively increase productivity.

I work closely with clients to create customized solutions that fit their specific needs. By applying my no-nonsense, no-cookie-cutter approach, you solve time, clutter and space management problems in no time. These simple strategies and techniques will result in an immediate boost in confidence, productivity and create the kind of freedom that comes from being clear, productive and laser focused.

As a result of my coaching, consulting my clients are able to move from procrastination and overwhelm to productivity masters.

I love God, gadgets and good quality chocolate! I'm passionate about Entrepreneurship, Organizing and hanging out in office supply stores.

Married to my amazing husband Rodney for 19 years!